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55kg Industrial Primus High Spin Washer

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Strong large capacity & high spin 55kg industrial Primus washing machine for commercial laundries. Excellent control over power use, wash cycles & spin speeds.
  • Freestanding washer with high spin speed (350 G-force extraction)
  • Frequency controlled motor to give excellent control over wash cycle, spin speed, power consumption.
  • Stainless steel cabinet, drum and tub
  • Fully programmable microprocessor
  • Large door opening (540mm) for easy loading and unloading
  • Easy access to all parts
  • Patented soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments
  • PowerWash® perforated lifting ribs: more mechanical action, lower water consumption
  • Super-eco washing programmes – significantly reduces water and electricity consumption
  • Wet cleaning option
  • Trace-Tech® traceability software and networking system options
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