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Laundry Design Advice

From advice on how to design your laundry to optimise workflow and minimise running costs to how to comply with laundry industry standards, Gooder Equipment can support you in planning the optimal laundry for your needs.

We work with business owners, managers, architects, procurement officers, engineers, council planners, builders and electricians across all sectors, within and outside of New Zealand, to deliver industry leading laundries.

Our extensive experience and professional expertise in the laundry industry means that we can offer not only valuable technical advice but also practical commercial insights about how to make your laundry work best for you and maximise your return on investment

No two laundries are the same – from laundromats and guest laundries, to on-premise in-house processing laundries, dry-cleaners and large scale industrial laundries, we will ensure your laundry is set-up to meet your specific needs. Here are just examples of how we can help:

  • Advice on laundry location
  • Advice and support in applying for council consents
  • Matching laundry equipment to business needs (i.e. best matches for textile types, volumes, energy and water efficiencies, nature of use by staff/guests etc.).
  • Financial support
  • Planning laundry layout to optimize workflow
  • Support and advice on laundry installation (i.e. from how best to bring machines on-site to how they should be installed to meet safety and council requirements for power and water access)

And naturally once your laundry is up and running, we are here to support you on an on-going basis to make sure your laundry is getting the job done as optimally as possible. Head on over to Support and Parts to know more.

Thinking of setting up a Laundromat? Contact us now at 0800 629 824 for a free copy of our Laundromat Set-Up Guide to help get you started.