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Hotel and hospitality laundry equipment from the experts

From internal laundries to self-service machines for guests to use, Gooder Equipment has the expertise and full range of laundry equipment to support businesses in the accommodation and hospitality sectors.

Internal on-premise processing laundries

Many hotels in New Zealand now operate internal laundries as they can offer a cost effective means of having absolute control over the quality of linen and textiles needed to run their businesses. From our extensive product range we can supply large capacity washers, large capacity dryers, ironers and folders to meet your needs. We also supply equipment off-shore to hotels and motels in the Pacific Islands.

Self-service laundries

We offer a full range of vended laundry machinery (coin and cashless) suitable for guest laundries in 5-star hotels to holiday parks, backpackers and student accommodation. We also offer maintenance inclusive leasing options for self-service laundries in the accommodation sector – a great means of generating trouble-free income while providing a valued service to your guests.

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