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Laundry payment and management systems

Cashless, contactless, coin – we offer the widest range of vended laundry equipment in New Zealand

In addition to our coin-operated washers and dryers, we also offer a range of card and Eftpos payment systems for laundromats and other vended laundry services in tourist and student accommodation across New Zealand.

  • Gooder Card Systems (one payment terminal per laundry)
  • Machine specific Eftpos terminals (multiple terminals per laundry)

More than just a payment system, the Gooder Card System (GCS) offers laundry operators the ability to increase profitability through customised pricing, machine management and unique customer loyalty programs.

Laundry users are issued a laundry card from a vending machine on your premises, they choose how much value they want to load on to it, then they simply go to the laundry machine of their choice and activate whatever wash or dry cycle they want by presenting their laundry card.

Some of the great benefits of this system to both laundry managers and users alike include:

  • Options to enable laundry users to top up their laundry cards in a way that works best for you and them. We offer three different types of laundry card machines to give you the choice of how customers can add value to their cards – with or without credit cards, cash, debit cards and/or phone payment systems.
  • Valuable daily and long term tracking information for laundry management from cloud based data collected from laundry cards and vending machines. See when your most profitable times of day are, which machines and customers are making you most profit.
  • Builds relationships with your users by offering registration options for loyalty schemes and even refunds if needed.
  • Helps you increase laundry usage in quieter times of day by tailoring price to time of day usage.
  • Easy management for users contracting laundry to third parties (e.g. Air BnB etc.).Contactless technology – no chance of users leaving cards in machines, no wear and tear on cards.
  • Zero merchant fees for each transaction (only standard bank fees).No need to have staff on site for coin or token disbursement.
  • Eliminates security concerns by not having cash on premises.
  • A card system that activates over 1.4 million laundry cycles per month across NZ and worldwide – it’s proven, reliable and customer friendly.

Machine specific Eftpos terminals
We also offer the option to fit each machine in your laundry with it’s own individual Eftpos terminal. Laundry users go directly to the washer or dryer of their choice and then activate it through the Eftpos terminal on that specific machine by using their own personal credit or debit card or phone payment system.

Call us today and we can help you choose which of our payment systems will work best for you and the users of your laundry.